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Kathleen is a motivational and talented speaker who lectures and presents on wide range of topics including nutritional healing, the microbiome, biochemical pathways and nutrient deficiencies in autism, women’s health; children’s health; health and the environment; and more.

Kathleen has the unique ability to speak through the lens of the patient, the parent and the practitioner. She captivates her audiences with a unique blend of detailed information, intuitive wisdom, and personal stories that educate, engage, and motivate her audience to take action in their own lives. Every lecture is unique to the needs of the intended audience.

Kathleen has presented at:

  • Women’s conferences
  • Integrative medicine conferences
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Integrative programs at local hospitals
  • Natural health expos and events
  • Soil & Nutrition conferences
  • International Autism Conferences
  • Private corporations
  • CE/CME for medical professionals
  • Kripalu and other retreats
  • Online summits and learning programs

The landscape of health care is changing rapidly and many believe we need to invent a new healthcare system. I would like you to consider this: The system of healing already exists within each of us and can be supported through real food nutrition and an active lifestyle, particularly when it comes to chronic conditions.

My mission is to share evidence-based information, clinical and scientific research that will help you take an active role in your health and the health of your family, using the self-care model. You can expect to experience more happiness, energy and vitality in your life, which will have a direct positive impact on your family and your community. 


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