End Chronic Disease: The Healing Power of Beliefs, Behaviors and Bacteria (Hay House | Penguin Random House)

Ending the pattern of chronic disease and becoming resilient does not have to be complicated. At its core, optimal health begins by adjusting your beliefs, the consistency of your daily behaviors, and the diversity of your inner and outer ecosystems—or your bacteria. By syncing with the interconnected, adaptive rhythms of Mother Nature and changing the way you approach health and well-being, you too can cultivate optimal health.

Your body has a unique microbiology shaped over time by your lifestyle behaviors. It’s a cyclical pattern with each component linking to the next in a continuous loop. With less fixing and disease management, this book will guide you to:

  • Discover you are your own best healer.
  • Breathe better, sleep deeper, and press pause more often.
  • Wean yourself off unnecessary medications.
  • Feed and move your body to support gut health and boost immunity.
  • Reconnect with nature and each other.

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The Hidden Connection: Discover What’s Keeping your from Feeling Happy, Healthy and Symptom-Free

A #1 Best Selling Book on Amazon

Do you suffer from a chronic or autoimmune condition?
Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

The modern system of medicine has created a paradigm in which it’s normal to suffer from many conditions, especially chronic disease. We have been taught how to “manage” disease rather than uncover the root cause of the symptoms. I wrote this book when I was faced with my own healing crisis to share what I learned as the basic foundation to rebuilding health after disease. My hope is that this book would awaken the health detective in everyone, by teaching people how to listen to their body’s messages and discover what’s triggering their symptoms. It invites us all to consider the functional approach to nutrition by looking at the systems of the body to correct imbalances and dysfunction.

Chronic Pain • Fatigue • Brain Fog • Hormone Imbalances • Anxiety • Weight-loss Resistance • Allergies • Eczema 

If you or your family is struggling with any of these symptoms, then this book is for you. It’s meant to lay the groundwork so you know how to take control of your health and start on the path of restoring health.