Our story is featured in this amazing and life-changing documentary film called Secret Ingredients by Jeffrey Smith and award-winning filmmaker Amy Hart.  Enjoy this special short feature film (which included excerpts from the full-feature film Secret Ingredients) and details my family’s healing journey. 

In Rhode Island, the arts is a defining thread and George Marshall spent his career weaving film into that fabric. On November 2, 2022, he passed away at the age of 68. He will live on through his creation, the Rhode Island International Film Festival (RIIFF) and I am forever grateful and honored to have our film featured in RIIFF in 2018, where we won the prestigious “Green Planet Award” – celebrating the vision of our shared humanity and achieving sustainability on our planet.

As Marshall said, “the festival is as much about the audience– The hope that those who attend will be touched, and perhaps even changed, by the films they see.” 

That is our hope for you as well. 

To watch the 30-minute short film, click the image below. 



About the film

Kathleen, a triathlete who mysteriously became paralyzed with debilitating pain, began looking for answers to her health conditions, and those of her children who were also suffering from a list of chronic diseases and disorders  – including bronchitis, eczema, digestive issues, and food intolerances. Initially, she began eliminating certain foods, like gluten, dairy and soy, but they only saw limited results. 

It wasn’t until she tried removing GMOs and chemical pesticides, like glyphosate, that they suddenly saw dramatic results: the inflammation and pain disappeared; skin rashes faded away; asthma and bronchitis were suddenly gone; indigestion and bloating gone; but most surprisingly were the changes in her oldest son who had been diagnosed on the autism spectrum disorder at the age of two and half. Most notably, his speech, cognition and digestive function improved. 

Kathleen’s experience is not isolated. This film shares stories of other families who watched their children health improve and after removing GMOs and pesticides. Also included in the film are other individual’s personal stories with cancer and infertility.

Interwoven with these personal stories are scientific explanations of how GMOs and pesticides can actually compromise human health – as well as testimonials from physicians who confirm that they see similar results in their patients who switch to non-GMO, organic diets. For example, at a chiropractic clinic in Wisconsin, 77 couples that had been struggling with infertility and miscarriages all had healthy babies after eliminating GMOs and going organic. 

And NY Times best selling author Dr. David Perlmutter explains how glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup – which is sprayed on most GMOs and many other crops – can compromise our microbiome, promote inflammation, and exacerbate numerous health conditions.

Like PCBs, DDT, lead, and other toxic chemicals, it is reasonable to suspect that as long as industries are making billions, they are unlikely to reveal the truth about the health risks of their products. While Monsanto and the rest of the industry has worked mightily to protect their profits and suppress scientific evidence that clearly demonstrates any health risks – including cancer – this film includes an exclusive interview with an independent scientist who has gained access to the original test results submitted to the EPA for the approval of glyphosate. In order to obtain these sealed documents, he was forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement. If glyphosate is so safe, why are these and other documents not made public?

While cynics may disregard these miraculous stories of healing as purely anecdotal, others may see them as a clue to a much larger trend in the deteriorating health of our society – and could very well leave them asking, What might happen if I remove the ‘secret ingredients’ from my own diet?

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