For many years, I’ve been searching for and using high quality products to support a healthy lifestyle for myself and my family. Whenever possible, I choose local products. I certainly encourage my clients to do the same. This shop serves a resource guide for your convenience. I do not sell these products. Even when choosing which products to include, I choose brands and companies that share our passion for high quality and environmental responsibility. 

If an item links out to a vendor website (like a water filter for example), in most cases a special discount code is provided. For links directly to the products on Amazon or other distribution channel, there is no increase in price to you. Please see our Affiliate disclosure for additional details. 

Note regarding supplements: Keep in mind that our existing clients can access therapeutic-grade supplements at significant discounts through our online dispensary. However, you must be an existing nutrition client to access our online dispensary.  When it comes to supplements, we caution people about self-prescribing without the advice of a practitioner. Ordering certain supplements on Amazon is not ideal (some of Amazon’s marketplace includes knockoffs). For probiotics and certain types of herbs, always work with your practitioner to access therapeutic-grade. Supplements that are included in this “shop” page are provided as a convenience for you and include brands that we trust. 

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