Nourish your body. Feed your life.


We are responsible for our health. We must not wait for, wish for, or want a healthy life.
We must take the action to build the life we want and the health we deserve. The world is
waiting for each of us to show up. 

But what if we can’t show up for life. What if the part of us that wants to live our best life
is trapped in a physical body that does not work? What if we did not give our body the
attention and nourishment it needed to carry our spirit, our soul, and our gift to the
destination we dreamed of? What if we relied on someone else (outside of our self) to
“make” us healthy? What if we gave our power away?

The truth is, the body doesn’t lie. The external body reflects our inner world. At the root
of all chronic health issues is an immune response to something in our environment – our
food, chemicals, behaviors, even our emotions.

Sadly, we rely on the modern system of medicine which has created a paradigm in which
it’s normal to suffer from many conditions. We have been taught how to “manage”
disease rather than uncover the root cause of the symptoms. We are using a system that
was built for acute disease to manage chronic (and preventable) ailments that we created.

The endless search.

There is so much health information being thrown at us from every direction. We read
books (thank you), follow blogs, and do all kinds of research – often living in an endless
search for “the answer.” Instead, if we shift our focus on what’s happening inside our
body, we often uncover the root cause of all dis-ease (or imbalance) in the body.

The mind-gut connection is a prime example of this. The food we eat coupled with the
health of our digestive tract has a direct and profound impact on our emotions, mood, and
physical body. Discovering food allergies and sensitivities, along with rebuilding the gut
ecology are often the most powerful tools to transforming our health – including
cravings, poor eating habits, mood, addictions, and almost ALL chronic symptoms.
However, we rarely start our investigation here.

We find it easier to keep doing what we’ve always done rather than looking inward and
searching out what we really want from life. It takes courage and conviction; both on a
conscious and an unconscious level, to have the words we speak, the actions we take and
the way we live your life congruent with our thoughts.

Lifting the burden.

Living a life in physical and emotional pain is just one challenge we face that interferes
with our ability to embrace the best version of ourselves. We are a chronically sick
nation. I don’t mean sick as in flu-like, I mean, inflamed.

We are an “inflamed” nation. We all have inflammation manifesting itself differently in
each of us. For some it shows up as excess weight, joint pain, migraines, bloating, sleep
issues, skin issues (like acne, eczema), fatigue and more. For others it shows up at
irritation, anger, resentment, and negativity.

Our body sends us these signals in the form of symptoms and instead of listening we
suppress them with foods, stimulants, and behaviors; or we interfere with our body’s
healing pathways, which robs us of the opportunity to heal.

Living a life in pain, with fatigue or other symptoms takes more energy and is more
stressful than we realize. Taking back our personal power and being responsible for
everything we do (including how you care for our self and the food you eat) can be
incredibly liberating.

We must stop looking outside of ourselves for the solutions to problems that exist within.
Food is one of the most powerful ways we can nourish our best life. Every day. We are
constantly changing, evolving and interacting with our external environment. Nothing
about us is stagnant. How we nourish our body must also change. When we give our
body what it needs to thrive, we feed our life in ways we could never imagine.