Nutrition, Microbiome, and Root of Chronic Disease


Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA) & Marion Institute

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Nutrition, Microbiome & the Root of Chronic Disease

Lecture One (45-60 minutes)

Uncovering the link between our microbial partners and the role they play in preventing & reversing chronic disease.

There is an inextricable link between human health and the quality and diversity of your food.  Speaking through the lens of a (once) determined patient and (now) nutrition practitioner, this lecture will stimulate your thinking about the hidden connection between what you feed your microbial partners and the role they play in preventing and reversing chronic disease.  Kathleen will explore the powerful role that nutrition plays in restoring biochemical imbalances commonly found in individuals with chronic health conditions and how functional nutrition can influence the key areas of digestion, detoxification, neurological and immune functions.  Kathleen believes that “managing” chronic disease with supplements instead of pharmaceutical medications is still disease management and that a lifetime of restrictive diets is not healing.  True healing is possible when you know how to listen to the language of your body and properly identify what needs to be done to remedy what ails you.  

Followed by Q&A (30 minutes)


Lecture Two: (45-60 minutes)

How to Heal and Restore your Vitality with Nutrition 

Until recently, experts believed the lining of our digestive tract (often referred to collectively as “the gut”) was a wall of densely packed cells. Small nutrients could squeeze between those cells and enter your bloodstream, but bacteria and large food molecules were turned away. But like everything else involving our gut – from our commensal bacteria to the use of probiotics – new research has shifted or challenged many of science’s old notions. Current research suggests the lining of our gut is a dynamic structure and many studies support the connection between seemingly unrelated symptoms and poor digestive health. In this lecture, Kathleen will explore the question: Can we use nutrition to heal and restore balance to all systems of the body? She will cover the specific dietary triggers that cause chronic distress and the top foods and herbs to heal the gut naturally while nourishing vitality from the inside out. 

Followed by Q&A (30 minutes)


Recap/Key Takeaways (30 minutes)


About the location:

Buzzards Bay Center, New Bedford, MA