Our story featured in this amazing and life-changing documentary film with Jeffrey Smith called Secret Ingredients with award-winning filmmaker Amy Hart.  Please watch the introductory trailer now and support our project. Together we can change so many lives. 

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Secret Ingredients promises to make the most compelling case ever about GMO health dangers.  After listening to thousands of testimonials from people who eliminated genetically engineered foods and recovered from countless diseases and disorders, we finally found the story we've been waiting for.

It's emotionally gripping, backed by science, and will touch the heart of parents everywhere.

We've already started production, but need your support to complete the film.

I can assure you this film will be seen.  My previous film, Genetic Roulette---The Gamble of our Lives was played hundreds of times on television, seen online by millions of viewers in nearly every country, awarded Movie of the Year (Solari Report) and Transformational Film of the Year (AwareGuide), and is credited with converting more people to non-GMO diets than any other movie, book, or television program.

This new film, Secret Ingredients, will be far more powerful.  Collaborating with Amy Hart, who has decades of experience directing and producing documentaries on critical health issues, has brought this film to the next level.  Her ability to get to the heart of the story and connect on a personal level adds a powerful, much needed dimension.

Please watch the Secret Ingredients trailer and make a generous donation today.  Your support will help millions find the key to regain their health.

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Safe Eating,
Jeffrey Smith and Amy Hart, Co-Directors, Secret Ingredients


P.S.  Remember, the more people that avoid GMOs in the grocery store, the closer we can get to the tipping point of eliminating GMOs from the food supply altogether.  Your donation towards the production of Secret Ingredients will help us achieve the tipping point much faster.  Please make a generous donation today.


Coming Soon!

The documentary is currently under production. Please enjoy these great stills of our family behind the scenes!