Replay: Repaving a Road To Resilience After an Illness

What can our thoughts, habits and even our microbiome teach us about why some people successfully overcome illness or disease while others do not?


Now more than ever, people are struggling with chronic symptoms that are associated with internal inflammation and immune dysregulation. There is a tendency to get caught up in the viscous cycle of symptom management, restrictive diets, and conflicting health advice. When we turn to the field of health and wellness, we hear so much of conversation around specific disease pathology but what we really want to do is expand that conversation to planetary health and its link back to the health of the individual.


Kathleen will explore the interconnectedness that requires us to shift our perspective between the health of own inner ecosystem and that of Mother Earth. She believes to truly heal, we need to return to state of resilient health – one that reconnects us to our innate capacity to heal and our purpose in life.


Through her passion for functional nutrition, microbiology research, and the growth mindset she will explore the key strategies that impact what she believes are the three driving forces to cultivate resilient health and regenerate vitality – our beliefs, behaviors, and bacteria


This is a replay of Kathleen’s lecture at the 8th Annual Soil & Nutrition Conference.



Saturday, December 1, 2018


Southbride, MA