Improve your quality of life (and your family’s) with ongoing nutrition education, daily support and natural solutions within a community of open-minded people

Integrative Nutritionist Kathleen DiChiara is bringing you the inside scoop and practical tools to help improve your health and resolve chronic conditions that are getting in your way of living a productive, enjoyable, pain-free life.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You’re experiencing chronic issues like fatigue, pain, immunity problems, low sex drive
  • You’ve grown tired of trying to figure out what’s wrong with you and you’re done bouncing around the medical field, putting out fires, but not finding solutions or root causes to help you feel better long-term.
  • You’re worried about your family’s reaction every time you consider another “way.”
  • You’re concerned that your kids might be going down a road toward chronic conditions and health challenges but you don’t think you can change their bad habits.
  • You still believe that eating less and exercising harder is the answer -- but deep down you are ready to experience a shift in this outdated and false perception of health.
  • You’re excited about the idea of restoring health in your home and embracing a new way of living.

You’re finally ready to feel better.

If you can relate to any one of these sentiments, the support you’ve been looking for has arrived -- and is accessible to you right now.

Direct Nutrition Support is an online membership resource that offers direct access to accurate nutrition education and support that fosters an investigative approach to health and wellness that is both results-oriented and person-centered.

You’ll benefit from open access to Kathleen DiChiara, a functional nutrition practitioner and health coach, who can help you navigate on going health complaints and the solutions to resolve them using real, nutrient-dense food and self-care. You’ll learn habits that you can incorporate into your day-to-day life.

This is NOT the one-size-fits-all care you may be used to. This is direct access care that can be kind of hard to wrap your head around.


But, here’s how it works: for a very low flat monthly fee, you have open access to a nutrition expert for common questions like:

What are the best foods to combat the common cold?

What are my nutritional options for relieving constipation?

Can you recommend the best sources of grass-fed, organic meat?

What kind of probiotic do you recommend? Are there any I should avoid?

What kind of protein powder, if any, do you recommend for my smoothies?

Where can I buy nuts and seeds in bulk?

What do I need to know if I want to avoid genetically-modified organisms (GMO’s)?

What kinds of tests can I ask my primary care doctor to run at my annual physical?

What kinds of foods will help me reduce inflammation?

What foods will restore healthy bacteria in my gut following a cycle of antibiotics?

Whenever you have a question or need help solving a problem you have direct access to Kathleen and a community of like-minded people.

The membership site will be full of resources on common topics related to optimal health, nutrition, and healing, as well as, recipes to put what you learn into action.

Kathleen will hold “live” bi-weekly calls to go over specific topics in depth but you always have the options to learn at your own pace. After you’ve digested the content on the membership site, you’ll have the opportunity to hop on a live call every other week to ask any questions to Kathleen, directly.

You never feel alone or overwhelmed in your journey to health because you’ll have access to direct support and you’ll be surrounded by a community of people who want what you want: to be happy, healthy and symptom-free.

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As part of Direct Nutrition Support, you receive:


Access to Kathleen for questions as you learn on your own


Bi-weekly webinars to learn about the fundamental principles of functional nutrition

What do you need to incorporate into your diet in order to “be well?” What do you need to remove from your diet in order to enable optimal functioning?


Live bi-weekly Q&A calls to clarify information offered on the webinars


Access and discounts on therapeutic-grade supplements


Access to functional lab testing

hormones, gut health, allergies, candida, adrenals and more


Significant discounts on one-on-one consultations to address complex health issues


A library of resources and educational handouts


Exclusive access to DIY programs like the seasonal Detox Cleanse


Customized recipes from a database with over 1,700 entries

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 Meet Kathleen

After her life was turned upside-down by a host of debilitating symptoms, this successful corporate executive went from an active, vibrant wife, mother and professional to suddenly requiring surgery, emerging with paralysis, chronic pain, IBS, skin rashes, headaches and restless leg syndrome that kept her lying awake night after night.

Around the same time, her son with diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Although their symptoms were different in presentation and severity, they had the same root cause: as a result of diet and lifestyle, an inflammatory process in their bodies had been triggered, which lead to a cascade of symptoms that presented as debilitating disease.

These events served as inspiration for Kathleen’s career change and commitment to reeducation. She had no choice but to heal herself and her family. And that’s what she wants for you.

This membership site will provide you with in-depth information and guidance on functional nutrition. You will learn theories and practices to implement in your own life and pass on to your family.

Direct Nutrition Support gives you the tools you need everyday to manage health and practice preventative (self-) care for less than $1 a day.

Consultations with Kathleen every other week for six months:

$3000 Value

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What if I purchase DNS membership and find that I don’t need the support?

At $29 per month it would take over 6 months of direct nutrition support for you to reach the equivalent of the hourly rate for a personal consultation. I’d say that’s worth it, and then some!  The recipes,free exclusive DIY programs, and supplement discounts are included to protect your investment.  You also have the added benefit of getting the support you if your health takes a turn for the worst.

Once I have DNS Membership can I schedule a personalized consultation at any time?

Yes, in fact the DNS membership is an ideal way to ensure you get quick access to the next available time slot and consultations are offered at 50% off to any DNS member. Consultations are recommended if you find that you would benefit from additional support along the way or if you are early in your healing journey. DNS membership is ideal those that want to start slow or for health maintenance once you have established a healthy body, but should no way replace individualized nutritional support for chronic health issues. The best value would be to sign up for membership and get started on learning and then schedule your one:one consultation at the reduced rate.

Do you take health insurance?

Direct Nutrition Support is paid out-of-pocket for the following reasons: Insurance covers chronic disease management and acute illness, not functional nutrition, which is aimed to resolve your health issues by restoring health and teaching you how to use self-care vs. health care for wellness. Insurance is ideal for acute disease, infections and surgery. Wellness and nutrition is a form of prevention and that happens at home. Think of this membership as a learning and support platform.

What if I have questions about other members of my family, like my children, that are not enrolled?

Great question. The membership fee of $29/month is per individual. I understand that when a parent is a member they are doing most of the learning and can apply what they have learned to the entire household - so DNS is a family-wide benefit. Having said that, I would recommend that you take advantage of the $10/child rate if you want to submit questions about your child on a consistent basis or to have the option for a personalized consultation for your child at the reduced rate of 50% off for members.

Is there a cost to join?

There is no initial enrollment fee.  There is a fee of $100 if you choose to re-join the membership after leaving.